Monday, July 20, 2015

The Lexi Project

As many may know, one of SL’s creators Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture) was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. You can read her full story here on her gofundme page: 
We have decided to put together an event, open to all creators in SL, who would like to donate one or two items to help raise funds to assist Lexi in her battle to fight cancer.
There is a pretty short timeline for this event to get from start to finish – we would like to have it up and going by July 26, thers not give much time for the creation of new products, but Lexi’s battle starts July 22 and we would like to start raising funds ASAP!

This is not an application. This event is open to every content creator who would like to contribute. As always, we do expect LL TOS and copyright laws to be followed, meaning any content you donate the proceeds from must be the creators own and without violation of these terms.

Once you sign up to join this event you will be sent a group invitation and a LM to the land the event is being hosted on will be provided. You may TP there and grab a spot at the event (by purchasing a sign for 0L$) and putting your logo on it. All items need to be setup and ready to go by 6 PM SLT on July 25 – we will open at midnight.

Depraved Nation is donating the land for this event so there is no cost to join.

Designers are asked to create a new item (or redesign / recolor / retexture an existing item) to place for sale at this event. The proceeds from those sales will be donated 100% to Lexi Zelin.
Only items with proceeds being donated may be placed for sale at this event.

Designers will have up to 10 prims each to display their items (if more are necessary please inquire with Heather Smithson or Toxxic Rhiannyr directly).


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