Saturday, July 9, 2016

Running through glass


Tattoo:  .Inhale. - Burden -Full Tattoo


Hoodie:  ::GB:: - Assassin Hoode vest set
Pants/Boots:  ::GB:: - Skart with pants & Boots


Earrings:  **RE** - Savage Ears Piercings
Upper Nose Piercing:  Le Morte - Mortal Remains NEW!!
Septum Piercing:  Le Morte - Engel Septum Ring -Group Gift-
Bracelets:  .random.Matter. & Le Morte - Aeson NEW!!
Claws:  **RE** - Savage Claws & Rings NEW!! @ MEN ONLY DISTRICT
Dragon Blade:  :BAMSE: - Dragon Blade - Nightmare NEW!! @ TMD
Thanks for posing :)

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