Thursday, October 6, 2016

My cute little Werewolves


Hair:  =DeLa*= - Mesh Hair "Fiona" Blacks and Whites
Choker:  [Black Bantam] - A Witches Gem Choker Captured Soul NEW!! ♥ @ Salem 
Book:  [Black Bantam] - The Witches Guide Book Decor NEW!! ♥ @ Salem 
Candle small:  [Black Bantam] - Basic White Candle Small NEW!! ♥ @ Salem 
Candle large:  [Black Bantam] - Basic White Candle Large NEW!! ♥ @ Salem 
Ring:  [Black Bantam] - A Witches Gem Ring Night Sky NEW!! ♥ @ Salem
Puppy black:  [Black Bantam] - Werewolf Pup Black Male RARE NEW!! ♥ @ Salem 
Puppy brown:  [Black Bantam] - Werewolf Pup Brown Male RARE NEW!! ♥ @ Salem
Cupcake black:  [Black Bantam] - Monster Eyeball Cupcake Decor Black NEW!! ♥ @ Salem 
Cupcake red:  [Black Bantam] - Monster Eyeball Cupcake Decor Red NEW!! ♥ @ Salem 

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